Thermal Inkjet - the ideal technology for both in-line and on-the-go coding applications
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Whether you're looking for a lightweight, portable device to print onto your products by hand, or a printer that can be easily integrated into your production line or with your existing coding equipment, we have the solution within our innovative range of thermal inkjet printers

Why thermal inkjet technology? 

Thermal inkjet printers are rapidly becoming the favourable choice of technology for printing date codes, barcodes and other variable data onto products and packaging, and for good reason. They're compact, easy-to-use, clean, and maintenance-free. 

X1Jet Handheld Printer
They work by using a simple and robust self-contained cartridge system that combines both a printhead and ink supply system. So, every time the ink cartridge is changed (a process that takes seconds) essentially, so is the whole ink delivery system. 

Another thing TIJ is becoming more widely known for is its ability to produce crisp, clear prints onto a variety of both porous and non-porous substrates – the printers can produce text and codes up to 900 dpi, something that lead pharmaceutical companies to become early adopters of the technology. 

Find out more about the technology and its benefits HERE. 

The proof is in the print 

If you have an application that you think may be suited to TIJ, our experts would love to hear from you. We offer free advice, on-site demonstrations and can even organise trial units to be left with you over a period of time, so you can experience the results, and benefits, yourself! 

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